Our Values

Transparency and Fairness

We will always have the time for a talk. We will explain to you the different possibilities for the burial. At the end of the talk you get a detailed listing will all the costs. These are the costs for our services, suppliers (i. e. florist, crematory) the charges for cemetary. This listing is very detailed so you get an insight to the costs. If you have any questions do not hesitate and send us an email or phone +49 5820 970 99 33.

Sustainability and Enviromental Protection

The main part of our products in our portfolio and the exposition were made in Germany. We prefer to use recycled products or eco-friendly products. Additionally we prefer to work with local partners to support the local economy and local jobs.


We are a funeral office and therefore at any time available. We are driven to fulfill the wishes of the deceased, the

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